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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions of Use

Website Gravity Panorama

This Website was created and is owned and operated by Gravity Panorama, Lda, with headquarters in Porto, taxpayer no. 515 290 572, (hereinafter Gravity Panorama), and its use is regulated by these Terms of Use.


Acceptance of Terms of Use

The Website user (“User”) acknowledges that by using this Website, he/she accepts these Terms of Use.


Changes to Terms of Use


The Gravity Panorama reserves the right to, at any time, without prior notice and with immediate effect, alter, add, update or partially or totally eliminate these Terms of Use.

The User should consult these Terms of Use periodically, to confirm whether any updates or changes have been made. If you do not agree to any of the terms of use, you must not use the Website.


Access to the Website


Registering is not necessary to access the Website. The Gravity Panorama has the exclusive right to suspend access to the Website, in whole or in part, in particular during management, maintenance, repair, alteration or modernization operations, and may also choose to terminate the Website or any of the services, either permanently or temporarily, partially or totally, without prior notice and at any time.


Use of the Website


Use of the Website is subject to compliance with the following rules:

– Do not use the Website to send or make available any content that may be illegal, false, misleading, threatening, malicious, abusive, defamatory, injurious, invasive of privacy, racially, ethically or morally objectionable, harmful or offensive to human dignity or harmful to minors, or that may negatively affect the image of the Gravity Panorama;

– Do not use the Website to send or make available information or content that belongs to third parties and that you do not have the right to use, such as that protected by third-party copyright or containing third-party personal data;

– Do not use the Website to make available or transmit any type of material that contains or may contain viruses, worms, defects, trojan horses or other items including computer codes, files or programs that are likely to interrupt, destroy or limit the operation of any equipment or computer system (hardware or software) or communications equipment;

– Do not use or explore the Website, including its contents, materials, features or resources (all content made available may be accessed for personal use only) for commercial purposes or others that are in any way subject to payment. Namely, Users cannot promote or make available in the Website any brand, product or service, be it, for example, through the means of sales, requests for sponsorships and promotion of contests;

– Do not remove any copyright, trademark or right of ownership notice;

– Do not impersonate any person or entity, including but not limited to a person in charge of the Gravity Panorama; do not provide guidance to or welcome anyone as a host, or falsely attest to being affiliated or related to any person;

– Do not make available or transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized content such as SPAM;

– Do not collect, store, make available, transmit, explore or reproduce information about other Users (including usernames and/or e-mail addresses) for unauthorized purposes.

In general, the User must navigate the Website in a responsible, prudent and careful manner, and should not disturb or degrade the continuity, integrity and quality of the features and functionality of the Website. The User acknowledges that he/she uses the Website at his/her own risk and is solely responsible for any damage caused to its system and/or computer equipment or for other damages or losses, including loss or damage to data, resulting from the use of materials, content or information obtained, in any way, through the Website.


Intellectual property rights


The User acknowledges that the structure and layout of the Website, the selection, organization and presentation of its content, including its functions and the software it uses, as well as the trademarks, logos and symbols presented on it, are the property and have been duly licensed in favor of the Gravity Panorama.

The User further acknowledges that the contents of this Website (texts, images, graphics, marks, sound and animation and all other information and elements contained therein) are protected by intellectual property rights and that such rights must be respected.

The Gravity Panorama is responsible for managing the design and layout of all information, content and materials on the Website and it may, at any time, update, modify or delete any content, services, options or features, or change its presentation and configuration and alter the respective URLs.

The User is not authorized to transmit, communicate to the public, publish, make available, modify, transform, copy, sell, use or distribute, by any means, the text, images and other information contained or that are part of the Website, without previous written authorization from the Gravity Panorama. The use of brands and logos in the Website, as well as the availability of its materials and products, do not grant (and cannot be interpreted as granting) permission to the Users to use, directly or indirectly, such brands, logos and materials.


Personal Data


Use of this Website does not necessarily require the provision of personal data. However, if you wish to solicit any contacts and clarifications, present a complaint, comment or suggestion, the provision of personal data (such as name and email) will be required, such data being processed in accordance to the Privacy Policy available on this Website.


The information provided on the Gravity Panorama Website is essentially intended to clarify and inform Users about aspects of the Gravity Panorama activity and services, as well as the products it promotes or offers to the public.


Liability and warranties


The Website was developed to reflect the interests of our Users. However, we cannot guarantee that the Website or any functionality available therein will meet your specific needs and expectations, or your specific ends.

The Gravity Panorama also does not guarantee that:

– The results obtained through the use of the Website are correct, true, suitable or reliable;

– Any advice, recommendation or information, of any kind, of the responsibility of the Gravity Panorama, present or made available in the Website, or obtained through its use, is actual, rigorous, complete or without errors;

– the Gravity Panorama informs that it does not assume any legal obligation in the matter;

– Any material or other content made available by third parties through the Website is secure, legal or appropriate;

– The qualities, functions or characteristics of the products, services, information or other materials or contents disclosed on the Website fulfill the expectations of the Users.

The Gravity Panorama will not be liable for errors caused by system irregularities or faults (temporary or permanent) of the Website, applications or other tools. The Gravity Panorama will not be liable for any damages resulting from misuse or inability to use the Website.


Links to third party Websites


The Gravity Panorama may provide links to pages of other entities. These Websites do not belong to, nor are they operated or controlled by the Gravity Panorama. Therefore, the Gravity Panorama is not responsible, nor does it approve or in any way support or subscribe the content of these Websites, or third-party Websites or links referred to therein. The provision of these links does not, under any circumstances, imply a relationship between the Gravity Panorama and the owner or manager of the web page to which the link refers.

In light of the above, the Gravity Panorama is not responsible for the legal compliance, reliability or quality of any content made available therein, nor for compliance with applicable legal rules in relation to said content. Users are entirely responsible for the use of these links.




The Gravity Panorama does not guarantee continuous operation of the Website, nor that it will be free of errors or faults or that it will be available at all times.

To ensure the security of the Website, the Gravity Panorama may, at any time and without prior notice, take the necessary steps to ensure the integrity, security, continuity or quality of the Website, such as restricting or limiting access to same.

The Gravity Panorama naturally endeavors with its best efforts to ensure that the Website does not have any viruses or other such elements harmful to your computer. However, since the Gravity Panorama cannot fully control the circulation of information over the internet, it cannot guarantee that such information does not contain any kind of virus or other elements that could damage your computer.


Validity of Terms and Conditions of Use


If any part or provision of these Terms of Use is not enforceable or conflicts with the applicable law, the validity of the remaining parts or provisions will not be affected.




Should you have any questions about these Terms of Use, please send us your query to Gravity Panorama, or send a letter to the address of the Gravity Panorama.


Applicable law


The Website’s Terms of Use shall be governed by Portuguese law.

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